December 18, 2014

Christmas is in the Air

Christmas is in near and I can almost literally smell it in the air. 

Question is...can you?

Hey there everyone!! did you guys finish wrapping up some presents? How about hanging those Christmas decors and lights? Did you attended the Misa de Gallo?

As for me, I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping list and gift list(I still lack two--or was it three? more presents to wrap). I have never attended, not a single Misa de Gallo since I started working due to my early schedule T-T (poor me). On the other hand, my mom already put up the decors way back October, including the tree. So now, there are tons of presents under it ^_^ which makes me utterly happy

But let's not forget what Christmas really means. It's deeper meaning. I'm sure you know and in case each one of us forgets then let me remind you. The true essence of Christmas is not about how much money we've got from our ninongs and ninangs. Its not about how new and expensive our new clothes are nor not about the material things that we receive as presents, that's just icing on the cake. But, what it is to be together as a family in the most glorious occasion...the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. 

This will be an early message and greeting from me to you, my dear readers: 

Spread the love and give love.

Have a Happy Holidays!