November 27, 2014

Throwback: Tripping

Back when we still have black and long hair. *sighs
Eating at KFC after work. ;D

It's raining cats and dogs. The sky looks dark and ominous. The atmosphere is rather heavy. I bet most people would complain and feel down because of the weather. Still look on the bright side, at least the trees and plants can have much water as they can not just blazing sunlight.

Anywho, it's Thursday again and you know what that means right?

For this week, its all about "Tripping". Tripping for what? Well, Me and my friends really love to eat. We've been to many places already. It's like an adventure for us be it be Food chain hopping (is there such word?) or just spontaneously go somewhere we've never been before so long as its f.o.o.d. 

One of my friends who happens to like food is Tifa-chan. I guess it we eat almost once or twice a week in different fast food restaurants that can be found within our working vicinity.  Sure, it's not healthy to make a habit out of it, but, what can we do? Our tummy's were grumbling and that's the closest place we can go to. 
(excuses, excuses, I know. kekeke) 

It's not just all about the food you know, food is a major part of it I admit but more or less its the bond, the laughter and memories we share with each other that's why we sit down, relax and of course eat until we're full. Both our tummy's and our hearts. 

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