March 22, 2016

We, Trainers

A Conference call from time to time isn't such a bad idea after all. Don't you think so? ;)

Being together with you guys is one of the moments that I'll surely keep in my treasure box. It has been what? Seven months? since our group was formed. Whew! Who knew right? four different people, four different personalities, who differ in many ways yet, also compromised in so many ways. 

Our opinions may clash from time to time but we always meet half way and for that I can say that we're a team. Our differences doesn't let us  from being torn apart instead me move as a unit. We shared ideas and perspectives. We brainstormed even the smallest of details and laughed at the corniest of jokes. Remembering those kinds things puts a smile on my face. I would never forget Juve's occasional five more minutes (or was it four?), Ivy's frank comments (stay calm Ivy :) ) and Pierre's "You has..." famous line (which literally made others think whether the construction was correct or not. ehehehe).

Business and pleasure all rolled into one, that's how we roll. That's how we, trainers, roll. ;)

We may look serious and strict when it comes to handling our respective jobs but we do know how to relax and goof around, all thanks to Skype's conference call. :D

I'm proud to say we each have good head on our shoulders and warm heart on our rib cage :D. For we do the things we do not with brute force but with a firm stand, understanding and compassion. That's how we are and that's why we are called---Trainers. :D


  1. hehehhehe..Am I frank? No, Im not. Im IVY..hahahahhahaha

    1. Ahahaha...Let me rephrase..Opinionated. In a good way. :)

  2. ka mga cute sa akong mga CALLAN TRAINERS ❤❤❤❤❤