April 24, 2014

My Little Bride

This was recommended by my best friend Mau (whom I should be thankful for: Thanks labs!) which was recommended by her boyfriend Marco a.k.a "baka neko" as I prefer to call him. (I know what you're thinking. We sort of have this kind of like and hate relationship as friends. -_-) Anyways, this happens to be an old movie. It goes way back 2002 and would you believe me if I told you that I have seen this like--- Oh I don't know, just two days ago? Yep, just recently this year (I humbly apologize). After 12 years, I was finally able to watch it. I've heard stories about this long long time ago, of how good and cute it was but I never bothered to watch it due to some reasons. 

First, I am not much into Korean dramas and movies before. I was more focused on the perfect face-big eyed kawaii and bishounen anime characters at that time (I'm still now. I mean who wouldn't?) 

Second, computers are not my kind of thing. I was more of a bookish kind of a person (Still am) 

and lastly, they were practically speaking a different language. I can't barely understand them despite the subtitles and I had a hard time reading the translation below (now it's quiet the opposite. Oh yeah!) 

But now, everything has changed. I've got the hang of it and it took me what? 12 years? (Ouch. That stings) But I'm glad. I was glad that I was able to watch and appreciate such a good movie. I was glad that I took the time (not minding my mom's wrath if I got home late which didn't happened thank goodness for that) to sit down and be goo goo eyed on the computer screen as I watched it. 

It tells the story about an arranged marriage between a college man Sang-min (Kim Rae-won) and a 15 year old high schooler Bo-eun (Moon Geun-young) set my the latter's grandfather, a pact that was made by him and Sang-mins late grandfather. On his deathbed, Bo-eun's grandfather's last dying wish was the two of them to get married  (which is a scam to let them agree to get married). Despite their strong opposition, the two eventually give in and got married. Now, the fun starts as both of them struggle to the new marriage life. Sangmin fairly adjusting as a married man while Bo-eun's starting an undercover married life. She pretends that she doesn't have a husband and starts dating their school's popular baseball player Jung-woo. Everything was fine until Sang-min becomes a student teacher at her school. 


As you have now noticed I always left things unfinished mainly because of two reasons:

1. I am not good at doing recaps.
2. It's much better if you watch it for yourself. 

So, expect me to these kinds of things from now on (kekekeke) leaving you hanging and wondering what happens next. *winks winks 

A little peek at one of the characters moments:

^A^ oh la la la

* Sighs remembering this made me all fuzzy. >///<

" I was never aware of the strange feelings inside...but...I think I'm in love with you."
                                                                                     - Bo-eun -

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