April 15, 2014


I'm feeling poetic right now. Is it because of the dark skies? or is it because of the gloomy atmosphere? Whatever the reason, one thing is positive: I feel poetic and that is something I do not ignore. Why you ask? Me, being poetic is a rare case unless I'm inspired into making one which hardly happens. I want to sum up the feelings that I have right now which is a complete contradictory to what I am actually feeling.

Anyhow, I want to share this piece of mine. You may relate to it or you may not. It all depends in your head and in your heart. So, here's a piece of my heart this is entitled "Void"



I often wondered why I feel empty inside.
As I sit here doing nothing but sigh.
My mind goes forth from here and there.
Looking at the four corners of the room with a blank stare.

Outside my window the world looks gray.
And here I am getting sadder everyday.
The skies are dull.
The clouds are never a lull.

As if the sky heard my silent plea.
Rain starts to pour heavily and stopping is no guarantee.
Soon, the crowded streets went empty.
It was as if they were never been there just like an imagery.

I lean on the wall and looked up the ceiling.
In my head lots of questions were spinning.
Like if my existence has a meaning or
Would someone even miss me if I was gone missing.

I continue to look at gray the sky.
In the meantime, my heart continues to crack and cry.
Just like the cold window panel I sat beside.
My mind goes blank ignoring each rules abide.

A small ray of light brings me back to my senses.
As I witness it beyond the horizon's reach.
I ray of hope shines through this glitch.
Letting me know that everything is not going to pitch.

“A silver lining” is what it seems.
I close my eyes and I know that a new chapter finally begins.
With that small light I'm grateful that I can finally see

That not everything in my life is how it seems.



  1. Wonderful poetry you have here. ♥

    So... meaningful.

    Is this really what you're feeling inside?

    1. Yes, its completely contradictory because I'm pretty much inspired because of *him. hehehe but a part of my heart (char) or mind feels like this.