April 18, 2014

Just a Girl

Like I've said in my previous blog, I'm feeling way too poetic for my own good and I can't help it. I have no control over it (so not true--contradictory: Alert!) I have succumb to my calling (which is to make poems)  and decided to go with the flow. This new poem of mine was inspired by the pictures that my best friend once took and here it is.Don't judge! after all I'm just a girl you know ;)


I'm just a girl 
Who often contradicts herself.
Who finds horror movie as a credence shelf.
But finds comfort in bookshelves.

Who waits in the long movie line.
Who manages to smile and says "I'm fine".
Who falls and gets bruises and all
yet, still stood up high and tall.

A girl who makes faces just for laughs.
Even patiently explaining something in a puff.
Who is opinionated to boot.
Who doesn't turn when someone hoots.

Who dons her hair hurriedly.
Who paints her face wearily.
Who finds dresses and make up bothersome in someway
yet, dresses up anyway.

I am a girl who has flaws.
I am a girl who doesn't have any perfection at all.
I am a girl who loves poetry.
I am a girl who is plainly weird and ordinary.
 I am a girl who has different shades of hue
I am girl who is nothing but true.


What do you think?
Are you just a girl? :)

Compilation of photos taken by:
Mau Sarcon


  1. Nice poem. :) I'm just a girl too.

    1. Thank you labs! :D How's Baguio? is everything so cold? ;) Don't forget my pasalubong. Teheh! ^A^