March 10, 2014

Painting the town --RED

I know I have been a lazy blogger lately and I hadn't much time to blog about something. Fret not lads and lassies for this is not a reverie for I, Kim the Bookworm, have a new post to talk about. I have noticed that I haven't posted some of my outfit shots lately so I would grab this opportunity to blog about it --talking about opportunity, aye?

Well, you see this shoot was taken last February 14--Yep. During Valentines day and would you believe it if I say we only manage to wrap things up for about more or less 20 minutes since I have to go somewhere?

I was pretty amaze with the photographer as she was able to come up with some pretty nice shots. For more of Mau Sarcon's photography (See more of her work in here: Click me )


Red semi-see through sleeveless

Black high waist jeggings

Terra Agua Red Shoes

Baroque belt
crown earrings

Photos Taken By:


  1. Really, this pix was taken last Feb 14th? It's almost a month now! GOsh! but it's okay because you just look lovely in that outfit! b <3

    1. Yes. almost one month imagine that. Thank you for the compliment. I should buy a phone and blog about random stuffs. :D

    2. you better buy one to keep updated hahahaha...

    3. I should. Ahahaha.. The question is when will it be??? hmmm....:P

  2. Replies
    1. Ahahahha...did you just poop because I'm too Fabulous??? ^A^ Ohohohoho