August 27, 2014

We, Puffed Cheeks

One of the things that I do when I have so much free time in my hand is to check other people's blog, more precisely my best friend's blog. fufufu. Upon, browsing and browsing of her old post, one of them caught my attention. It had a similar aspect to it as to the one I did before. So, I can't help but to post it here. 

"Curiouser and curiouser." said Alice to the rabbit.
- Alice in Wonderland                                       

As of this moment, you're getting curious just like Alice.Before I give it away and before you give such violent reaction, may I remind you that this post isn't what you think it is (I don't know what you're thinking but I hope we're on the same page on this one ;) ) This is simply just a simple get together of two simple pictures of two simple individual beings. (There's so many simple in this sentence. kekeke.)

In retrospect of us---- puffed cheeks ;)

This is from here♥

And this came  from here♥ seems like great minds do think alike. Aye? ;D


  1. ooohhh so cute you two but mau here does it naturally.. peace mau! :) you look cutier than kimmy

    1. Ehehehe....It's okay po Ms. Steph. I'm weird man pud. Ahahaha...but were definitely cute aren't we? ;D