February 8, 2014

Spontaneity is the Name!

This happens when you thought you're just meeting your best friend for a nice hangout-- a chit-chat-kind-of-thing. And that "nice hangout" you thought of turns out to be an unprepared shoot you never think would happen. Considering the circumstances that you are not prepared for the said impromptu shoot, in the photographer's perspective it wasn't a bother ---at all.

You may have noticed by now, my previous shoots were all---well---spontaneous. This, happens to be one of them. again. :P  Am I going to have a prepared shoot?hmmm...hehe..eithery way is fine. :D

The weather was rather chilly that time. I was literally shaking and now that I have seen this...I wonder what was on me that time? dressing up like this. O.o 

Anyways, these shots were taken by my ever best friend Mau. :D

She always, and I mean always, manage to take a stolen shot. 

Uno Olo Long sleeves white
Blue sequined scarf

One way plated checkered mini skirt

A pink bag

Photos taken by:

Mau Sarcon

P.S. for more of Mau Sarcon's photography check out her website: Click Me!