February 7, 2014


In South Beach, Florida, there works a boy named Johnny Marco. He work as a shoe cobbler in a hotel. Though, he is stuck in the place. It gives him a lot of time to do what he does best ---- designing  his own shoes. Everything is usual in Coral Reef Grand that is until ----- a princess came to stay.
Princess Victoriana has an eye for Johnny. She find him rather unusual and has the potential to do her bidding. And so, she invited him to her suite. What Johnny thought of her "little invitation" turned out wrong as he gets dragged to a quest to find her missing brother---a frog prince, cursed by an evil witch.  And if he ever does succeed in fulfilling the quest he will get a sum of money and the princess's hand in exchange.
As he journey Florida with a magical cloak and an earpiece, Johnny enlists the help of a fox named Todd and his best friend Meg to look for the lost frog prince while he encounters spells and giants along the way.
Join as Johnny learn  a secret about his family and the questions that left him hanging.
Will he return home safely with the prince?
Will he and Victoriana have a happily ever after?
or Will he open his eyes and know who he has loved for so long?
The third book of Alex Flinn's modern fairy tale.
"She'll wrap you in magic."

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