February 4, 2014

Chibi Inuyasha

Hey guys! sorry for not updating any new post these past few days yours truly, have been quiet lazy and not so up for blogging. I was also busy getting some ideas for an upcoming blog. (Yes, thinking can be difficult. Imagine that) let alone "honing" my drawing skills again. Not that easy I tell you. I've been rusty for a couple of years! not counting the random drawings I tend to do from time to time. 

I have so many things that I want to do all at once. (Aye! All at once!) Knowing you have only one body and only a pair of hands (I'm not wishing I have many. Just saying) you only can double your the time to make and things a bit faster. Enough rants on my part, Let's get down to business. (Oh yeah!)

Like I've said I a while ago, I was busy with a lot of things and one of it was looking for some pictures that I need for an upcoming blog. Hep! Don't cha worry I'll post it here..so ya'll readers can read it . ;) :D

Back to the topic, I was rummaging my stuff to look for an "inspiration" when I found none, of course, I have to do another rummaging from a different source----I rummage my social networking sites. (I'm that evil. Bwahahahaha)

At any rate, I can't come up with an inspiration no matter how I rummage my things and due to that reason. (note: word for the day rummage..Teheh!) I decided to well---- look at my drawings, --isn't it neat? wouldn't you think my collections complete? wouldn't you think I'm a girl? :P 

RIGHT... ehem-ehem... simply put, I miss my works and like the other previous works that I've done so far. I posted them in here with a synopsis. I think you know what I'm getting at. *peace

Here it is
You are all aware that I am fond of cute things.
Be it small or big.
For kids or adults.
That fondness of mine extended to my works as well. I happen to like the small version of my favorite characters from different mangas and animes. Their chibi version as what we call it. Chibi meaning small. And like so many other fans out there I am no exception.
If you have watched InuYasha then you might know who this is. If not then here's a little overview.
The story centers around a middle school girl named Kagome who was pulled through the well by a demon as she was retriving her cat. The well turns out to be a portal as she reappears in the ancient Sengoku period of Japan. The demon was about to attack her when she  unseals a half demon trapped by a sacred arrow against a nearby tree named InuYasha, who defeated the demon quite easily.
Thus their meeting and their journey begins.
Chibi version of the InuYasha. 


  1. Sorry for the delay of photos. I know it's been years! Char ( Years daw!) Haha. Anyway, probably will upload it on Facebook in my Ame Thyst profile that you and I only get to view. ;) Wouldn't that be wonderful ?

  2. THAT would be perfect. ;) uiee..perfect daw oh. eheheh