January 27, 2014

Idle Sunday

This was taken yesterday Sunday on the 26th of January 2014. We were on our way to church when Tifa and I took a little detour and decided to stop and grab a bite at 7 elevens. While we were finishing our grub, we decided to sit on the grassy field just beside our building and listened to the songs from the Disney movie Frozen (were that addicted).

As we sat there singing along with the songs, we can't help ourselves but to call the attention of the passing jeepneys. Much to our disappointment since none of them dared to stop and wait for us (I mean who would?considering our circumstances. Hoeee!)

Enough of us being a lazy bum. It's finally time to go to our destination and since we let a LOT of jeepneys (Transport!!!don't be mean to us T-T) pass us by. Chance! we took our sweet little time (again) to wait and take pictures. Oh yeah!

My second outfit post. Tifa-chan call it "Emo". I don't know what to think. What about you?


Being a nerd has its perks ;)

- Black three fourths with ripped like sleeves 
- Light blue sequined scarf

- Monochrome crumpled leggings 

- Brown gladiator sandals 

-  A pink bag.


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  1. Tifa takes good pictures and angles too. :)

    1. I have so little experience when it comes to angles and all. But thanks. I'll pass the message. ;)