January 10, 2014

Looking Back

"Life is like an old photograph once captured it will never cease looking back at you."
There are times in our lives where we look back to the things that had already happened. It could be anything or specific. It could be our saddest memories or the happiest ones. And let's face it, most of us prefer not to remember the sad part. Trust me, I know. I'm one of the few.
Some of us may still wonder why it happened to us when it could happen to anybody. But why us? Sometimes the answer is right there in front us and what do we do? We pretended to be blind and not see.
Obstacles, challenges, trials----They're always there just waiting when to strike. I'm saying this in order for us to open our eyes and to NOT pretend we don't see.
Without having to face those we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't still be standing. A trial is given to us because he knows we can face it. It's our choice how to face it and how to take it. Stumbling and falling down are one of the things that we tend to encounter every now and then. Yet, amidst our trials and point of breaking down we stood up shaking knees and covered with bruises. Why? because it's our choice. Because we  believe we can do it.
In each step we take is a choice we make.
Life, is never an easy route to take. It's an adventure. Life, is never a fast forward kind of play, but taking things one step at a time.  Life may be considered short but it is long enough for us to live.
I have come to learned these things as I stumble and fall countless of times. And each time, I stand up and face it. My fears, my weaknesses, my flaws and my strength. And if ever you, yourself can't hold on anymore don't worry nobody is alone. That's why we have family and friends. To reach a helping hand, to wipe our tears and be there when we need them.
Acceptance is they key.
Believing in your self is a start.
Having faith is the answer.
Looking back at those times, I may still feel and remember the pain that I have once been through, but despite all of that, a curve slowly begins to show up on my face. I realized life can be perfect in an imperfect way. It can be possible in some impossible way. It is a treasure that we must appreciate.
It is not so bad to reminisce once in awhile and when you do, you'll end up  smiling and shaking your head when you remember those moments .
 Promise me you'll remember:
" You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" 
- A.A. Milne-


  1. Why are you so emo? But yeah, sometimes in order to get the most beautiful diamond, you have to polish it first. ;)