January 8, 2014

Kiss the Rain

Sometimes the weather has a strong influence over us. It affects our mood drastically. From being bright as sunny to being gloomy like the dark clouds.
Even so, we can't change the fact that no matter how bad or good the weather is there's still beauty in it. Like the rain for example.  I love watching the rain.  I love how the way it drops  and its smell as it finally hit the ground. Even though Christmas was just around the corner, it didn't stopped the rain to pour down every now and then.
There are moments like these that we must treasure. The beauty of nature and its wonders. We should appreciate it every now and then. Cause who knows, we might realize one day that all of it will be lost and for us, we won't know its true value may it be a thing or a person until its gone.
Before its too late appreciate what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel.
In my case,  Kiss the Rain.
Live Life.
Love Life.

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