January 9, 2014

A Kiss In Time

" Only love can break the curse"
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess with golden hair. She could have anything she desires. When she was bout a child she remembered they were not allowed to utter the word "spindle" and even the whole kingdom was banned for having a spindle.
Hence, the princess didn't know what it is. As she was gifted with beauty, grace, musical talent and intelligence by the good ole fairies. The princess was a spoiled brat. She was used to getting her way.
Concerned by her actions, the king and queen were worried about her. Especially when a certain witch cast a spell on their dearly beloved - spoiled- princess.
" Before she reached her sixteenth birthday. She will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and the kingdom will fall into a deep sleep and will fade away deep from the forest away from the view."
So, what happens when the princess disobeyed and didn't heed the warning?
The entire Kingdom fell into a deep sleep.
In a hundred years passed, the princess woke up from her slumber with a kiss.  The entire kingdom was finally awake.
What turns out to be a happy beginning becomes a disaster when they find out that torches are now replaced with flashlights? The carriages are now cars ? not to mention you can call and hear other peoples voice  through the means of a mobile phone? Blaming the princess for her disobedience, the outraged King banished the princess.
In the strange new land, the princess was exiled along with her so-called- prince, who was also on his own struggle of running away from what his parents want him to be and following his dreams .
One was running away.
The other was trying to escape.
Would they help each other out?
More importantly..Is he her true love?
In this retelling story of "Sleeping Beauty" here's another twist that are all set in the modern era.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Really? Modern Sleeping Beauty! I bet this is interesting.

  2. Yes, it is. Talia is really suprising aside from the fact that she's 116 years old. :D

    1. You have a very interesting taste for books. :DD Which I really find adorable!

  3. Oh. Why thank you. *^_^*

    I have tons of Alex Flinn's book. It's mostly of modern day fairy tales. :D and you know how I love a good romantic story with a twist. ;)

    1. Yeah, like with the ghost and that guy whose name starts with a letter C. Hahahah!

  4. Exactly. THAT ghost story is definitely going to be the death of me * knocks on wood. Anyways, it was a good book for me.

    " You make me want things I can't have".

    Sounds familiar? ;)