January 23, 2014

Out from Work

I wouldn't be doing this since it is not my forte BUT a certain person told me it wouldn't hurt if I try. I was willing to do it when a sudden realization hit me. I forgot one important thing ---my camera. How sad is that? I gave up the idea and just thought of doing it next time.

I decided to go home with a friend since we haven't got the time to hang out lately and what do you know? It occurred to me that my friend, by the name of Steph a.k.a Tifa-chan (as I prefer to call her) has a cellphone, which she often use to take some pictures of me every now and then (you'll see what I mean).

And we came to this an impromptu pictorial (which we do almost every time. hahahaha) . This, is my first outfit post  and I'm very much new in this kind of err--trend. I don't even know if I'm doing it right so bear with me >.<. Please be notified that I am no fashionista and this is just one of my many ways of expressing myself. However, criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.

- Long sleeved lavender\ light blue blouse
- (inner) plain black spaghetti 

- Black skater skirt from SM Mall
- black knitted tights from Daiso Japan

- Violet high heels from Petite Jolie in Officene

What do you think?


Photos were taken by:

> Tifa-chan ;) <


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Labs. These photos were taken while I was waiting for Baka-Neko to arrive. Anyways, How are you? feeling better?

    2. I think so. :) But I have to undergo several checkups nanaman. And I'm experiencing chest pains.

    3. Take care of yourself and don't stress to much labs. I'm sorry I wasn't able to grant your request last Saturday. :(