January 21, 2014

I Have Now...EARS!

Judging from this picture, I guess a lot of you would have known by now that it was taken a long time ago, Like last year perhaps? Though, I still consider this post new. Yes, it is and No, no questions. Checking and editing some of your posts can be indeed tiring and fortunate, if I may add, for I stumble upon on this. I totally have forgotten (face palms) this has been in my drafts for ----a  very long time (I am one forgetful person).

Anyways, It has been one of my fantasies to see myself having ears. (I know, I know its a bit petty. But aren't we all?) And due to some event, that fantasy of mine came true (whew! it almost didn't). I, made myself a pair of ears ( Yep, you heard that right. My ears are MADE not bought.) It was quite fun making those and to perfectly honest. I didn't even know if I'm doing it right. All I know is that I have to finish making it before the end of the night. (That was such a rush)

Well, what do you know? I managed to do it and viola! I have my own CAT ears. ( Many people thought that it is a mouse ears but It's cat ears. C-A-T --cat.>.<)  These are cat ears I tell you. 

Anywho, here is a fantasy-come-true.



  1. This is so cute on you. ♥ SO NYAAA PRETTY!

  2. Thank you >.< I have dreamt about this before and now I FINALLY done it. Yaaayyy.. ♥

    1. That would be one down on the list then. ♥ Congratulations.

    2. Yes, Who would have thought? I still have bunny ears cominh up..Ehehehhe ♥ Hoeeee

    3. Can't wait to see you with those ears on!