July 30, 2015


Just another boy-----or should it be boys? ;)

I have a lot of biases in my body and seriously this so really one of them. Hah! Believe me, I tend to get gaga over such guys especially these guys (from left to right: Seunghoon, Taehyun, Jinwoo, Seungyoon and Minho) . They're beyond guys with just a pretty face. As you all know by now, I am a certified K-Pop fan especially when it comes to music. In the world of K-pop one will dominate and one will capture your heart. Doing and having both is not an easy task but these guys did it.

Let me introduce this new boy band who successfully debuted last year under YG Entertainment. (Yep. you got that right.They're the same label as BIGBANG and 2NE1.) This five competed in a survival reality show two yeats ago entitled WHO IS NEXT: WIN. Where in two teams, Team A and Team B. By the way, these aspiring artists were trainees under Yg for years. they will have three battles to prove themselves worthy of the titled WINNER and the chance to reach their dreams---to debut. Known before as Team A, they successfully won the hearts of the audience making them winners of the competition.

Their first debut album 2014 S/S swept the music charts, winning many awards a couple of days after their song was released gaining the title Super Rookie.  I listene to their music and I must say, they did a hell of a job for a newbie and I'm currently addicted to their music. One of the things I liked about them is, they make they're own music. Lyrics, composition, choreography they made it themselves. Plus, their voices are distinct, not to mention, because of their range of voice they can sing any type of song, be it ballad, rock or hip-hop. 

Anywho, here are some the tracks that I personally like. If you want to listen then do check it out

1. Empty
2. Don't flirt
3. Go Up
4. Just Another Boy
5. Color Ring
6. I'm Him (Song Minho solo)
7. Officially Missing You
8. Missing You (cover 2NE1)

Here are some cute and adorable pics:


Hopefully, they make a comeback this year. :D

WINNER fighting!!!

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