July 10, 2015

Ala Little Sophia

Every little girl's dream is to be a "princess."

Who wouldn't be? Admit it, you and I want to be just like that. So just for one day, our little "sophia" got her wish on her most special day.

For my niece's 3rd birthday, her mother wanted it to be  a "princess-sy" theme for her unica hija. Supportive cousins as we are, we helped her prepare for her daughter's birthday party. From buying a piƱeta to baking some sweet cakes and cupcakes. From designing the banner to being an emcee. ♥

I had this huge smile on my face when I saw the outcome of my family's hard work. I'm proud of them too. It's not that easy decorating and planning an event in between schedules. When my cousin saw the outcome she was indeed satisfied. :) As for the birthday celebrant, well, she's very happy with all the pink surrounding her and her tiny tiara. You could say, she's one happy ala little princess sophia.

My sister's infamous cupcakes. She did all the baking and the icing. As for the toppers, a little glue and print save as the money from buying one, trust me it's all handmade.

It's been so long since my mom baked a cake. I remember every time on of us has a birthday, my mom would baked us one. She'd do all the icing and the decorations. My cousin was one of those people who love my mom's cake so she asked if my could make one. And she did. 

I personally like this cute little lotte bags not just because its pink but because they're really cute---fairies and all that. (okay, it's color is huge plus for that matter. :>)

And here's our ala little sophia with a tiny tiara, gracing us with her presence. 

The little princess strikes a pose once again.

As for me, I can't help but be a photographer wanna be. As a fan of Disney since immemorial, I simply can't let an opportunity like this passed me by and not take a photo of my favorite princess then and now. It's easy to figure out who it is ;)

Happy 3rd Birthday once again to out ala little sophia "JEBSHINE"