July 1, 2015


Holy smoke!

These words are an understatement. How can I possibly forget? It's been three years since I started blogging and I can't believe that I actually didn't post the last book that I have read. A book which was written by one of my favourite authors, Alex Flinn! I have already posted some of her works in here,but, to miss one? I.cannot.myself. And here I thought, I managed to do every one of them. *sighs

Takes a deep breath and composes oneself. Nevertheless, better late than never (This excuse is so over used. I know. Sorry ^__^)

This time, we will go into the world of the famous witch who turned Kyle Kingsbury a beastly: Kendra Hilferty.


Beastly was just one of her curses.

Every story has a beginning. For Kendra, it happened many many years ago, in England, in the year 1666. 

Young Kendra and her brother were the only ones left in their family of nine. The rest of them died in the plague. The plague that took many lives in their small town. With bright green eyes and a moody nature different from their village girls, many towns folk would find her odd especially since she's associated with their town's healer Lucinda who happened to be their suspected--- witch. She never believed nor let the thought get through her. Not even when one of her neighbors, said that she might be one due to her association with their resident healer. However, her train of thought changed.

It was when her brother,Charie, was on the brink of death. She did all she could do to help him. Tending to his fever, cooking him meals and even gathering herbs at their healers abandoned house. Most of the town's folk concluded that Lucinda left in the middle of the night, afraid that they might hang her for hse is a suspecting witch.

Kendra did everything, yet, her efforts were in vain. Her brother continues to worsen. As time passes by, with no hope left, Kendra did what she could do, she stayed  with him praying, grasping his hand. suddenly, something in the air changed. Her uttered words of prayer changed beyond her comprehension. Her fingers vibrated with a very strong energy. I flowed towards from her to her brother. The room began to spin and were filled with sparkling lights. 

There had been signs that Kendra ignored over the years. How she was good with herbs, Her way with animals. Crows follow her wherever she goes and bad things happen to those people who hurt her. None of it made sense until now...

She once had a family. 
She was once a teenager. 
She was once a mortal.


How her life changed?

Find out read Alex Flinn's "Bewitching"


  1. I love this one to have a movie. :)

    1. Same here. I hope Miss Flinn would consider it. Same goes with the rest of her works. ^^

    2. Yes, I look forward to. Many books were made into movie already. I hope this one would have a movie too.