June 29, 2015

The Stars Shine Down

To be successful you need friends,
To be very successful you need enemies.

                             - Sidney Sheldon



In the world dominated by men.
A woman stood and conquered.

Iron Butterfly---a name that was attached to Lara Cameron. A beautiful, successful and famous real estate developer dominating the world of men. From rags to riches, Lara rose to fame. Lara Cameron has built an empire for the last years including the tallest Skyscraper in New York.

Little did they know, the beginnings of the famous "Iron Butterfly".  From her early beginnings, her painful past, her dark pasts all of which was left unexplored and Lara was determined to keep it at bay. In a world where power, deals and love revolves Lara has got to experience them all. She saw how her empire progresses through the years, she will also witness how it'll slowly crumble under her reign. 

How is Lara going to face all of it? When it seems vengeance is part of the game and betrayal is a weapon?  Can  she handle it all?

The world watches as Lara's stars shines the brightest
The world will watch even more as her stars shines down.

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