June 23, 2015

The Sands of Time

Another praise worthy work of the world's renowned master storyteller Sidney Sheldon.



Four sisters.
Four different women.
Four different pasts.
All came together.

1984 in the land of Spain, war broke out between the Basques and the Spanish government. The conflict includes the Basque and ETA's leader Jaime Miro against anti- ETA and member of the OPUS MUNDO colonel Ramon Acoca who was sent to capture Miro and to stop the rebellion.  

Colonel Acoca was convinced that the rebels were hiding in one of the convents decided to raid it by force despite the implications. The Cistercian Convent of the Strict Observance was located just outside of Avila where women from all backgrounds who decided to live the life of solutide and worship came all together under the guidance of the Reverend Mother Betina. The same convent which the colonel raided. They turn the once quiet convent upside-down, assualting and raping the nuns.  Luckily four sisters managed to escape:

Sister Lucia - The woman who lost everything. On the run, because of her past in Sicily.

Siter Graciella - The beautiful and exotic. Spent her life in the convent and was haunted by her youthful sin.

Sister Megan - The orphan. Abandoned outside the farm house as a baby and now, find refuge in the arms of a Basque rebel.

Sister Teresa - The faithful. Her undying faith mocks her in silence.

Each has their own past.
Each has a reason why they decided to stay. 

The four sisters travelled outside the walls of their beloved convent leaving innocence all behind but not hope. As their journey began, it will not only lead them to safety. Their journey also happens about facing one's past and also facing themselves.


"God cannot take sides; for He is in all of us. We are all a part of him, and when we try to destroy Him, we destroy ourselves"


  1. It's interesting. I'd like to read it as well. :)

    1. It is!! Interesting, I mean. You should read it! ^_______^

    2. Do you have a book for this ?

    3. Yes, I do. I have mostly have the books I blogged in here. ^___^