May 25, 2015

Miss Kierra Jade!

It's amazing how each and every one of us got together in a way we never see.
How each and every one of us became close despite the differences as what it seems
How our personality differs.
How different each of us hurls.
Ten odd balls is what we are.
Ten adorable people who shines differently like a star.
Ten people who became friends and a team.
Being together in laughter and in tears.

But then, time will come when you won't always be together.
Time will come when one of us will bid adieu.
Be it you or me, I'm sure we'll all feel blue.

That, time has come and we must be prepared.
We must thank you and give you lots of love beyond compare.
Though, things will start to change. 
I hope our exchange will always be the same.
Be the same one's once we had or it could be like the ones in wattpad.

To Miss Kierra Jade who's writing another page in her life. 
Another epilogue.
Another prologue.
Miss Kierra Jade, will never forget all the times that we shared and cared.
Be it in lovely dovey forum or even in Tori's wattpad quorum.
We'll always be friends and that bond of friendship will never bend.

So, we won't be saying good-bye since good-byes are not forever.
We won't say good-bye cause good-byes are not the end.
They simply mean we miss you
"We meet again!"


  1. Replies
    1. Dili Labs, she'll be gone for a month for health reasons and then will be back a month later. Though, this time she will have a night shift na.

    2. :( Awwweeee. That's too bad. At least magkita pa mo diba? xoxo Stay strong Labsuuu

  2. Batchmate ming Lee... I will miss her in the morning shift. :(

    1. too. I'll miss Mami for sure. :'(