January 20, 2015

Rainforest Adventure Part 2

Gear it up!
Didn't I tell you on my previous post that me and my sisters were going to do something a bit extreme? Well, technically, our own definition of extreme. 

So, there we were lounging and resting after a couple of rounds of chasing and animal viewing. As I sat there just across the area of the obstacle course, an idea comes popping into my mind and I suddenly want to do something I have never done before. Of course, doing my kind of idea of fun would be much funner with two more people. So I dragged and begged my sisters (literally) to join me which they thought over again and again until they came into a conclusion that since we're already there they might as well do it. 

The challenge: Finish the  obstacle course of  The Jungle Adventure.

We started gearing up and taking safety measures before we begin. The guides (as what they call themselves) were approachable and humorous. Trying to encourage  us and easing our building anxiety. I don't why but in my case I was both excited and anxious at the same time. (No backing out!)

When were all done, it's time to face the challenge. On three... One, two, three.

Let's start in chronological order: From the eldest to the youngest...hehehe ^O^

The Cargo Net

Climbing up is the easiest part but once your on top, it makes you want to go down again. It's so high!

The ZipZag

Since I was a little too excited too cross, the photographer slash guide didn't have the time to take a photo of me doing the ZipZag. T_T

Anywho, that was cool! Let's take a little breather. Pose up!

The Burma Bridge

The Vine

This, for me, is the second most hardest obstacle ever. With shaking knees and sweaty hands, I sometimes cannot believe myself how I managed to go across without letting go or falling.

The Catwalk Bridge

Unfortunately, my photo was not taken (or was it I forgot to upload it?) either way this time around I was the first to walk back since my eldest was the first hence the picture. So far, other than the cargo net this one is way easier.

To continue, we then went back again for our second round of the The Vine with me on the lead (The photos were blurry sorry bout that). It was a bit easier compared to doing it for the first time.

The Earthquake Bridge

Whew! The earthquake bridge is a lot tougher, much longer and takes a lot of power since we started late in the afternoon we ended at sunset. (Look how dark it is!)

Another unfortunate thing is that we didn't get the chance to take some photos of the the last obstacle which is The Deep Bucket Bridge.

While waiting for my eldest sister, we manage to rest laugh and take this shot. Thank you very much to the guide to who took all the shots.

After finishing all the obstacles (we made it!!! hooray!) we felt very exhilarated and accomplished, Oh yeah! Our audience, which mainly consists of our family who kept on laughing every time we came across some obstacle we thought was hard (which was most of them)

That was a great experience for two main reasons: One, I get to bond with my family more and two, I get to share some moments with them too. Not to mention, I got the chance to conquer my fear of heights though, there are still some lingering fear left. At least, that didn't stop me from having fun and like I said, those priceless moments.

Thank you Rainforest Park!

What kind of adventure shall I do next? Hmmm... I wonder. Oh well, TTFN! Tata for now! 


  1. Hahahaha! Those bridges man! DILI NAKO KAYA! My legs would go weak! MYGEHD! Sigeg ko smile pagtanaw sa imung mga photos Labs. Haha

    1. Yep! my knees did became weak alright. PERO Labs, you should try it some time. Even my sister, Manang Katty who's also afraid of heights dared the challenge. According to her, she will conquer her fears daw. Ahahaha..

      Let's try this next time. :D

    2. I want to! Tagpila ang obstacle?

    3. The obstacle alone is 200 pesos. The rates can be found sa Part 1 Labs

  2. I want to do this too....


    1. Let's!!! Actually there's supposed to be for a wall for wall climbing but sad to say it was destroyed on the earthquake. They said they're going to replace it first until further notice.

      We should do this!!! It's a challenge. :D

    2. I better prepare for that or else I'll be the 'most fit of us all'. hahaha

    3. Me too! I have to prepare as well.