January 18, 2015

Rainforest Adventure Part 1

Hey guys! How's the start of your year? Me? Well, I'm behind post after post so bear with me for a couple of seconds. (Gome gome)

Anywho, this year I'm going to start it up by posting the previous activities that I have done last year. It all happened on the 26th of December when my family decided to go somewhere to do more bonding. Our destination---Rainforest Park.

Rainforest Park is located at F. Cabahug St. (Ayala Access Road) Panagda-it Mabolo, Cebu City. A good destination if you and your family decides to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. Though, there is also one thing which made me more excited was the idea of seeing some animals since I've never been to the zoo before not even once (poor me). Even so, the whole idea made me giddy like a child.

Their reception was very pleasant, they answered all my queries with a smile even though all the answers were right in front of me. (Teheh!). The rates were very affordable too. You can choose whatever you like to do and pay each activity you wanted. As for us, we chose the 2'n1 - Oceanarium and Amazon's Aviary since our little boy kept squirming and was too excited (other than me) to see all the mimals (animals) he only see on the TV.

Upon entering the entrance, you will first enter the souvenir shop which has a lot of cute displays but the one caught my attention was this huge huggable bear in display. We take turns taking our photos only until then did we see a small sign that says "Do not touch" pasted on its mouth. Talk about epic.

Taking our photos is a necessity---a BEARnecessity.

The guide directed us to the Oceanarium first, by definition an oceanarium is supposed to be big and has lots of fish swimming in it. This oceanarium, however, is a bit different. They used big aquariums which were embedded on the walls reaching almost to the ceiling and each aquarium contains a different kind of fish. 

My eldest sister and her family

That's one big fish, I tell you. O.o

Aside from the fishes, you can also find some reptiles in their own aquariums perfectly lined up in the path.

If you're done admiring and be in awe, you can slow down and take a rest in this comfy swinging chair.

I got a bit lost (surprise, surprise) as to where our next destination would be and as I was directed to the right way (thankgoodness) I came across some other animals found outside, like this one.

Finally, I've managed to reach our destination which was the Amazon's Aviary, my whole family was there. Wait, did they just leave me behind? Oh well, it's fine I'm way too happy to sulk so I'll just leave it as it is and continue to keep myself entertained. ^_^

The Aviary was this huge circular in shape bird cage which contains a lot of birds (of course :D) Upon entering, something happened that took my family and especially me by surprise. A little dove flew and landed on my shoulder which doesn't happened quite often said by the other guide unless you have food.

Talking about food, you're also allowed to feed them. The guide in the aviary gives you some pellets to feed the flock wondering doves.

You either feed them on the ground or you can feed them in your palm and they'll just flew right up. See?

Both young and the old enjoy the Aviary the most. ^O^

In the surrounding area you can find other various animals too. Check it out.

My nephew finally saw the deer which he called "Bambi" up close

For us, the main attraction and the one that took most of our attention was this cute and jolly cockatoo bird. Since we didn't know its name and what to call him I took the liberty of giving him a name instead. I called him "Nigel" (from Rio) and the others follow suit.

Amidst of all the cuteness and wonders. Out of all of us, one little person had the most fun. He kept running, screaming, and chasing the birds on the ground. This little boy happened to be my cute nephew (I'm one proud tita). Smile baby! ^_^

Look happy he is!

This little boy was neither afraid nor scared when approaching the roaming animals. In fact, he seemed to be the one they're most afraid of. ^O^

I must say, everybody was contented after all the tour and viewing with this huge smile plastered on their faces.


Don't miss the chance to witness as me and my sisters go a little bit extreme.


  1. Hahaha! The same kind of Nigel is also in cebu zoo. Akong nabantayan mga ing ana na brids, they're quite friendly. But you have to be careful of their beaks though.

    1. True, true, but in here Nigel doesn't bite. He likes to do handshakes and high fives. He likes to be praised and to be taken lots and lots of pictures. ^O^ I've never seen a bird as vain as Nigel. Vain but super cute! >///<

  2. I've always wanted to go there!!!
    I hope I can go there soon!
    Thank you for your blog!
    It reminded me! :3