January 22, 2015



I started the year by chopping of my hair and for the first time in forever I get to see myself with a hair length shorter that I used to.
A brand new year.
A brand new look.

Four days before the most celebrated festival---Sinulog, my best friend and fellow blogger Mau visited La Vie Parisienne (Parisian Life) that introduces French bakery, Deli and wine library, to have some girl bonding. I was quite surprise that the place has a new look. Even so, it still has its romantic and cozy ambiance. Moments like these are a treasure to be hold. Mau and I,  we got to experience it all over again. Its beauty and its enchantment---this time together.  

La Vie Parisienne is what I consider to be a bloggers haven. No matter how many times I've been there, I still find the place--- dreamy. 

She's Fav Pink Dress
 She's Fav Baroque Belt 
Petite Jolie Sandals

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  1. Beautiful! ♥ Hoping for more!

    1. Thank you. ♥

      Hoping the same thing ♥ :D

  2. Replies
    1. Pagdate mo sa imung lablab diri uyh. ♥

    2. @Mau: Ahahahah...salig naka date2x naka diha.

      @Loutea: Pag date daw mo diha Taralou sa imu lablab...fufufufu


  3. I love the photoshoot... Great pictures...