January 29, 2015

The Sinulog 2015


It's finally here!!! One of the most celebrated festivals here in the Philippines---SINULOG!

Like I said, I'm way behind post after post and this is one of them and the last one (I promise.) I seriously need to catch up. Tsk...tsk..tsk...

Anyways, PIT SEñOR to one and all! What a great way to start the year. First,  my outfit shot courtesy of my beloved best friend, Mau Sarcon and now, this. Then again, it has always been jolly and crowded whenever we celebrated Sinulog. Honestly speaking, no matter how many times we've celebrated the event , it always does make me wonder as to where all this people come from. Busy streets and live music, its like there's a party every nook and cranny here in Cebu. 

Of course, Sinulog isn't just about fun and partying all night. Its also about showing your devotion to the child Jesus Christ by not just attending masses every Sundays but also the novenas. I, myself attended the said novena. As for the last one, I attended the mass together with mom, sis and nephew. 

So my busy and yet fun schedule started on the 16th (Friday)

First: Attend the last Novena and changed my Sto. Niño's robes.

This little boy right here asked for a selfie not once but twice.
Aren't they cute?

On our way to attend the mass, the streets were all jam packed and we wouldn't take the risk of squeezing ourselves between those little spaces just to get inside the church since we had a kid with us. Instead, we were contented to attend the mass right outside  the church sitting and waiting for my little Sto. Niño to finish dressing and be spic and span clean. 

When the mass has ended and I get to see my new Sto. Niño, we opted to wait for just a little while until the crowd slightly lessens. Although, instead of seeing the crowd getting thinner it's actually quite the contrary---it was getting thicker. So, we somehow managed to entertain ourselves by taking selfies.

Not bad for Woody ;)

I get got the chance to have some henna too. Know this, I usually don't have any henna tattoo on me every Sinulog since I can't do it on myself.  Yes, yes, you heard it right. I, too, know how to put on some henna tattoos on someone.

As an avid fan of "One Piece", I want my henna tattoo to be none other than
Strawhat Luffy's jolly roger.

On the 17th (Saturday) 

Dark clouds and a little bit of drizzle spread across the sky. Still, the spirit and devotion of the Cebuano's didn't falter as they attended the procession. We, on the other hand, didn't attend the said procession due to the weather. We opted to attend the last mass instead and waited for the procession to end. We witnessed a 30 minute fireworks display in commemorating for Sto. Niño's arrival and end of the procession and get to see a lot of people dancing to the tune of "Sinulog"

Mother and son

On the 18th Sunday (Sinulog)

Yeppeeee... this is  THE day! Did mention that it also happens to be the fiesta on the place where I live? No? Oh, well, It is. Okay fast recap, we had a little feast on our house and a little bit of visitors here and there to celebrate the fiesta. At 10:30 pm my family decided to go to a carnival out of curiosity, mind you. And boy! did we had a lot of fun.

Getting all hyper on the way.

Taking pics while waiting for our turn to ride the cable car.

And were up, up, and away...

That man sitting on a red cable car wearing a red shirt is my dad. :P

That was totally high!!! We also ride on the hurricane sort-of a roller coaster but short and due to its speed and well...speed (pffft) we didn't  had the chance to take a pic of it of us on it. Anyways, my Sinulog was still a blast for me.*sighs happily

Now that I think about it, this post is sort of like a diary...don't you think?

See ya next time!


  1. Love looking at your pictures Labsuu. So pretty. :)

    1. Thank you labsuuu...Mag bestfriend talag tayo! You + me = pretty. ;D