February 11, 2015

Dance Upon the Air

Okaayyy...let me get this out of my chest, to be truthfully honest I'm no Nora Roberts fan if you ask me the reason why, I'll simply say I just do. I've never read any of her works, not even a page. I may have come across her works from time to time but never had the slightest bit of curiosity to check it out. Now here comes the unavoidable, what's the sudden change?

Well, I just so happen to have a lot of spare time NOT doing anything and I also happen to have a ton of books (courtesy of my dear beloved cousin from abroad, Hi!)  I still haven't read. Out of boredom, I took this book out of the shelf and started reading it without much of interest (is that even possible?) and then suddenly I started to get hooked on the book when I looked again for the cover to my utter surprise it was her work--Nora Roberts.

I must say she's a great story teller and now, I am one of her fans. Without further ado let me share to you an amazing story.


Blue eyed Nell Channing arrived at Three Sisters Island determined to start a new. With a new identity  and a job as  cook in the Cafe Book, Nell find refuge and a place where she can say she finally belongs. Careful to conceal her real identity, Nell begins her new life and begins to explore herself and her feelings for the island's sheriff Zach Todd. Soon, her attraction turns to the most unimaginable feeling she didn't want to feel---love. Nell, not only has to think about concealing her identity but must also accept that she's a descendant of one of the Three witches that founded the Island. Having discovered the power of Air, Nell started to every embrace what she is not just that, but took every precaution there is too. One mistake, one wrong move and everything she built for will shatter. Yet, things won't always go according to plan. Soon, the person she was running away from came to the island to search for missing person he thought had died---her.

With all the things that is predestined to happened what will she do?
Can Nell have the love she yearned for?
Can she run from the past that is now haunting her in Three Sisters Island?
Will she have the courage to face it head on?


Be amazed and let your imagination wander as you read and dwell in the world of "The Three Sisters Island"


  1. I imagine Channing as Channing the Tatum. ♥

    1. Ahahahaha...Labsuuu, Nell Channing is a GIRL not a guy. Ahahahah but I get what you mean... Teheh! :3

    2. Ahahahah....you guys are so nice. ♥