February 19, 2015

Plushie 101: The Love Plush

Hey guys! This is actually mys first DIY and I would like to apologize before hand if it isn't as informative as it should be. I''ll do better next time but first take the time and opportunity to view and read this. :D

Anyways, a lot of people have asked me on how do I make such plush. Have I been at it for a long time? Did I practice? Did I use any patterns and such? 

My answer is No, I haven't been at it for a long time. No, I didn't practice I just happen to try it and found out that I can actually make it to my surprise and I do both. I sometimes use some patterns from the internet and I sometimes use my own pattern,

So here's a little something, it is inspired by one of Cardcaptor Sakura's card (if you don't know this, search it :)) and me being a huge fan, well, let's just say I couldn't help it but made one myself. To think, it's also perfect gift. 

Here's what you need:

1. Felt cloth (fuchsia pink and white)
2. Stuffing
3. Thread ( light pink and black)
4. Needle
5. Bond paper (optional)
6. Pencil
7. Scissors
8. Your creative mind
9. And your exceptional sewing skills (Kidding ;3) your sewing skills would be just fine. 

First things first, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy. Let's begin!

1. Using the bond paper and a pencil. Draw a heart shape on the first bond paper and a wing on the second. (Note: This is optional. You can either draw a picture or search a pattern on the internet. In my case, I prefer the former.)

2. Cut the drawn picture using your handy- dandy scissors.

3. Trace the patterns on the on the felt cloth. For the heart shape, trace it on the fuchsia pink cloth. For the wing on the white cloth. Trace two patterns each. (Note: Make sure to trace it clearly)

4. After tracing, cut the felt cloth.

It should be able to look like this, more or else. :)

Let's have a little detail shall we?

5. On the wing cloth, trace an outline (like the one, on the above picture). Do the same thing to the other wing and don't forget to draw it clearly. 

(Note: Don't worry about the pencil marks it will disappear once you've washed the plush after sewing.)

This is where your sewing skills are needed. Don't get nervous, it's not bad as it sounds. Trust me. 

6. Using a black thread, attach the first wing on the heart felt cloth. We are going to use the double even stitch (It's like doing running stitch back and forth). Stitch and follow the outline on the wing, using the running stitch (first) on the entire outline. When you have finished sewing the outline, go back and fill the spaces in between the stitches using the same method.


This is what double even stitch looks like when you've finished sewing the entire wing. 

7. Don't forget to make a knot at the back of the heart. Tie it tightly so it won't get loose. Cut it then repeat the same steps (number 6) for the other wing. 

8. After attaching and sewing both wings, get the other pair of the heart and aligned it on the previous one. Make sure the edges are aligned perfectly.

I used a light colored thread in contrast to the color of the heart's felt cloth to make it more catchy. You can use any color that you think it suits best. The brighter it is, the better. :D

9. We are going to use the lock stitch suture. Start at the bottom of the heart (the one with the wings).

10. Pull the needle and stick it on the back of the second cloth then pull it up again. Repeat the same procedure.

11. After making a second stitch, make a loop and let the needle slip inside. Pull it up but not too tight in order for the loop to close (you wouldn't like it to snap, would you?). Repeat the same method until you have sewn  the  heart shape but, don't sew the whole thing just yet.

The results would look like this after sewing almost the entire thing.

12. Since you didn't sew all of it. You will now have a hole. A hole big enough to put your stuffing inside your heart plush.

We're almost done...

13. Aside from its use for tracing and drawing, you can also use the blunt edge of the pencil to push the stuffing to its corners. Be sure to stuff each corner equally.

(Note: As for the stuffing part, it's actually up to you whether you want it more fluffy or less fluffy. In my case, I prefer the former)

14. When you're contented with your stuffing, sew the hole and don't forget to tie the knot. For the final touch, press your hands on the plush to distribute the stuffing more evenly.

and Viola!!

You're very own The Love plush.

Hope this helps even just a bit and I hope you have fun sewing it as much as I do.

Till next DIY!


  1. I am so jealous. I really suck at sewing. ;_;

    1. Try practicing labs. When you're making one, try to do it NOT in a hurry. Patience is also a key in making plushies. :)

  2. Sewing could be your best friend if you spend more time on the activity.
    Good job on the stuffed winged heart thingy
    NOW, make moaaaar~ ^^

    1. Thank you very much Yhannie! :)

      I will.Soon. I hope. ehehehehe

  3. This is super creative of you, amazing. Thanks for sharing! See you around! :) ~Mary


    Giveaway --> http://marshmary.com/2015/03/soaper-duper-giveaway/ :)

  4. Hello Doll! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award


    Join in the bandwagon. Have fun!

    Winks and Glitter Kisses,

    Dolledupqueen ♥

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