August 27, 2013

Good Times

When we looked at our old photos it brings us a lot of memories right?

Memories that can trigger certain events that we treasure deeply within our

subconscious mind and our hearts.

Memories that can either be good or bad.

Memories that can bring smiles on our faces or even tears.

Memories that are mostly connected to certain people.


In this case, I'm talking about good ole memories that can brighten your day and

even miss the people even if the said people are just within your reach. :)

Let me show you some proof that had once made me smile and just by looking at

these now made me remember how good life can be.

> One late afternoon, when two people have nothing to do. These things tend to happen.  :D <


> The woman, on the left side, who was having a good time with the other girl is named Dyna. <

>They goofed<


> And goofed. <


> for they simply have nothing to do! haha XD<


This is my tribute to the person who is incredibly humble inside and out.

Who helps me when I don't know things.

Who is very patient and understanding.

Who goofs around with me.


Who treated me as her "Little sister".

Ms. Dyna! Thank you very much for being a good "Ate" to me. For being

understanding and for being you. Stay the same. <3

Yours Truly,

The Book Worm

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