August 25, 2013

I want YOU

Surfing the net brings back old memories especially when I'm just randomly surfing and then suddenly I encounter some things--cute things. I'm talking about stuff toys,  none other XD. Although there are plenty of cute things around us, stuff toys are not (I repeat NOT) an exemption. So I figured "What If I post these cute things? These  things that I wanted to have---someday?"

 Alright!!! It has been decided...Let's start with...


1. Black Mokona ( Mokona Modoki or Larg)

2. White Mokona

These two cute Mokonas come in two's but sold separately.  I wanted these cute puffball ever since I watched Magic Knights: Ray Earth and mind you that was way back when I was still an elementary student. ;)

3. Rabbit ( Any Cute -huggable rabbit)

I Love Rabbits!!! Haha. I once owned a pair and they told me that one can't survive without the other. Sad to say the female bunny--Lola (I named her after Bugs Bunny's partner  ) got sick and passed away. I guess Bugs (See?) can't live without her cause he followed after 3 months :'(

4.  Keroberos (from Card Captor Sakura)

This yellow- lion-ish character is the one that I utmost adored. I AM a super huge fan of Card Captor Sakura from the moment I laid my eyes on that movie (Love at first sight? Yep. you got that right.) This cutie is the stubborn-pudding-loving-gurdian of the Clow cards. He may look care free but he's serious when it comes to protecting Sakura (Me?)  Though the movie is old and for kids. It didn't stop me from loving and collecting bits and stuff of the said title. That's why I want to own him cause he's the one thing I utmost (repeat!) wanted. Kyaa! Xp

5.  Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!!!

I may not a huge fan but I surely laugh so hard whenever I get the chance to watch this. Spongebob is adorable in his own little way so who's saying I don't want one when in fact I do? >///<


For now, these are the only cute stuffs that I set my eyes on. Well, hopefully someday I can own some of these. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. I already own one. Haha. Silly me.

And its...Tan-Ta-da-da!! 

1. Black Mokona ( Mokona Modoki or Larg)

So, he's out. :D

Four more to go! Patience dear Book Worm. You will have it. Someday.

Truly Yours,

The Book Worm 


  1. I might buy you one of those someday. :D

  2. Oh. really? That's...sweet of you.