November 6, 2013

The Photoshoot: Two of Us

The finish product.


The photo shoot that up until now made me laugh and made me embarrassed at the same time has now come to its end. As promised, I will post all of the pictures here in my blog once she's done editing. Though, It did took a lot of time since it needs a lot of concentration and skills  on her part (Now where have I heard of that before?). Yet, it's still make you wonder what pictures she'll put together (I've been there, I know.)

Yesterday, the photographer herself sent me a message saying that I should check out the photos on facebook. Which made me, by the way, confused as to what she is talking about. After a  long explanation and a lot of confusion on my side --again. I finally put two and two together ( That's four! Kidding.)

 And Viola!!! Here they are!!!

All of these pictures were taken and edited by Maureen Sarcon. As what she have written on the description of this album "This is just an amateur shoot" and will likely she will do more once her schedule is not tight.

Let's not keep you waiting any longer. We shall now  jump into the gun and venture the road to the...

 " Two of Us"



I would like to thank the following people who made this shoot possible.

1. Mau Sarcon

- If it weren't for you none of this would have been possible, so thank you.

2. Marco

- For being a good director and giving Mau a lot of suggestions on how to capture a good angle.

3.  Ray Francis 

- For suggesting a lot of poses and even the appropriate expressions for each shoot.

4. Marjorie

- The bubbly make-up artist who do me up and made me look---well---presentable.

5. Mico

- My co- model for being a good sport despite all my punches and smacking on your shoulder.


To all these people, I humbly thank you.

Until next shoot!


  1. Omai. Hahaha. :D I'm glad that it still made you laugh up until now. ^v^ Kufufufufu~ Hoping to improve and do more shoots in the future.

  2. Yep, remembering those time and seeing these pictures definitely makes me laugh. AHAHHA.. (see?)

    As for improving, I'm sure you can do it once you put your mind into it.

    This is you were talking about ;)

  3. Exactemente! :D

  4. Replies
    1. Ehehehe..he's actually labsuu's friend and became my friend

  5. heheheheheh....Kilig lage ko ......OMG ...

    1. Ahahahahha....ka cute nimu Ivy uiee....>///<