June 2, 2014

Chasing The Sun

 One fine afternoon, three girls were having a "girly session" inside the newly furbish white house. One was very busy with doing her friends hair, the other was busy applying some makeup whereas the last one was curious of the outcome.

For this post's title, when I said "Chasing The Sun" please don't take it so literally. I meant the "rays" of the sun . Since this was done almost quarter to six, hence, we were always looking for a brighter place and chasing wherever the light touches the ground. We talked, laughed and giggled about random things never minding the humid weather. Spell "h-o-t". 

As for the outcome of our little girly session. Here are the results. :D

I always enjoy bonding moments with my girlfriends, this is just one of them. 

I will never get tired of praising and be in awe of my best friend's ability and awesomeness.  Mau Sarcon (See here), hands down. To my other girlfriend, Ma.Stephanie Yaun a.k.a Tifa-chan I extend my gratitude to you.  

Shall we chase the rainbow next time? 

Hair done by:
Ma. Stephanie Yaun

Photos taken by:
Mau Sarcon


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    1. Pffttt..for the person who is responsible for this, is that all you have to say???

      Me, I have tons! You did a very good job Labs. ;)