June 10, 2014

Girl of Nightmares

When Anna opened a door to another world to save Cas and his friends. Cas was left broken and not wanting to live. Wherever he goes he can see and hear her. She was screaming in pain and was calling out to him. The more he gets distracted, the more he's putting his and his friends lives in danger. What turned out to be a hallucination is a reality that Cas feared the most.

Anna was in pain.
Anna was calling out to him.
He was seeing Anna.
His Anna.

The question is how to get her out there?
Knowing that Anna is in a place where the living is not supposed to go into---in Hell.
What are the consequences for his actions to save the girl he loves?
Would he live through it?
Or would he just let her go?

This is the second and the final book of Anna Dressed in Blood.


"Just your average boy-meets-girl, girl gets sucked in Hell story."


"She crossed over death to call me. I crossed through Hell to find her."


  1. Can't wait to finish the whole book!

    1. You better and tell me what your opinion is? ;))

  2. ohw.. I think this book's interesting.. :)

    1. Yes. It is. If you'd like you can borrow it. :D