June 5, 2014

Evercrossed: Book 1

A Kissed by an Angel it is where the story of Tristan and Ivy began. 

Evercrossed is where their story continues.


A year after Tristan died. After completing his mission Tristan moved on on the other side and  Ivy started moving on as well. She spent her summer at Cape Cod working in an inn together with her best friend Beth and her loving and dependable boyfriend Will. All she wants now is to put all of the horror of last year behind her and spend the summer peacefully and hanging out with her friends.

But then a car crash ends her life.

As she floats and see the life she has left behind. Tristan breathes life into her with a kiss. Ivy woke up in the hospital surrounded by Will, her family and friends and all she can think of is Tristan and  the love that she had lost.

But memories are not the only once that came back. Due to a seance, Ivy, Beth and her friends had done. A strange presence is creeping. A guy with no memories washes ashore. Feelings that were once lost now came back and danger is lurking beside her. 

This time Ivy is not so sure, if love will be enough... to save her.



"You can't always choose how you love a person. Love isn't logical or fair. It just happens."


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    1. Yes. It is I recommend you read this. BUT you must read the first one "Kissed by an Angle" ;)