June 26, 2014

The New Do!

The title is a dead giveaway and I think you already know what that means. I, Weird Kim had changed my hair color for the first time in forever. From my usual black hair to light golden blonde. In all honesty, changing my hair color was the second option. I intentionally want to cut my hair shorter---like neck length short-er. My idea however, was not sort of supported by the majority. Mom was cool about it, Dad was not. My second elder sister was cheering me on. The eldest was half and half. I may have had second thoughts about doing it but I'm pretty much adamant that I will cut my hair. Then, the second option came in courtesy of, don't get shock alright? Emma Stone. 

Why her? trust me it's a long story and I wanted to keep this post as short as possible. To simply put, my sister (the eldest) suggested that I should try to change the color instead and she wants it to be just like Emma Stone's. Though, my hair color's is a bit different from hers. Emma's hair was ash blonde. For you to achieve it you need to bleach you hair and I don't want to bleach my hair. So, I settled for a color that doesn't need any bleaching but the color is visible. My sister (second eldest) who accompanied me to the salon has a theory. According to her since I've decided to dye it. I should at least make it noticeable because it's not worth it if it's just plain simple. She has a point if I may say. Though, in my case I wouldn't like to go to the extreme, so I settle for a less noticeable color.

And Viola! Here it is.

So...What do you think?


  1. You go gurl ^__^ Change is something inevitable and I like the new DO ... :p

    1. That's a relief that it doesn't look bad. ;)