June 22, 2014

If I Stay

For these past few days, I have been too preoccupied mostly with books (like when did it NEVER made me preoccupied?) In my defense, there's just so many good books these days that I, a self confessed bookworm, can't sit still and just ignore it.

Because of these books which by far, some are not yet even sold in the country, I have no other choice but to wait patiently. Lucky for me, having patience happens to be one of my virtues so, I guess it's alright. Or not. Anyways, that's enough dilly-dallying and let me get straight to point. Remember when I said there are so many good books out there? Yes. That one. I, just happened to came across one and it's a really good book I tell you. Considering the fact that it made me cry (or I'm just a cry baby? O.o I don't know which one it is).

The book was written by Gayle Foreman which has the title "If I Stay".


When all your choices are gone except one,
What will you do?
Will you take it?
Will you stay?

Mia is a musically gifted 17 year old girl who loves her friends and family so much. When her family takes a drive one morning everything changes. She soon struggles to hang on taking everything that has happened to her. Holding on to a reason she thought exists, but, what would she do when she finds out that the only thing she hoped for is lost and for that only one thing matters to her now. What will she do?

Would she leave her love for music behind?
Would she leave the other people who are waiting for her?
Would she leave the man she loved?

Her choices are long gone. Except for one. And that is all that matters. The question is:

Would she take it?
or Leave it?

Be part of this book that widens your mind about three things:

1. The power of love
2. The meaning of family 
3. The choices that we make. 


" Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you"


  1. I love the book cover sa If I stay

  2. Yeah. I like her eyes. The second book has a nice cover too. :)