January 4, 2016

The Teaser Part 1

Welcome 2016!!!

It's 2016 everyone!!! A new year to celebrate. A new year to renew. A new year to be firm on the resolutions that we have made both in the past and the present. A new year to make more memories.

Speaking of memories, I would like to start this year's post by giving you guys a teaser. Not just one but two. (You heard that right). This teaser is a photo collaboration with my best friend Mau and her friend from Manila, Mike. This shoot gives me a lot of memories as to the reason why you'll find out soon enough plus the whole photoshoot will be shown much late toor. So for now, let's just turn our attention to this teaser.

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  1. May this new year bring ure way many opportunities to explore every joy of life & turn all ure dreams into reality & all ure efforts into great achievements....... Happy New Year!!

    1. Thank you Peter. May this New Year bring you many opportunities and happiness as well! Happy New Year!