January 6, 2016

The Teaser Part2

Ugh...Shall I say...Round 2???

Anywho, this isn't a boxing competition or any of the sort folks (Trust me ;) ). So, read along. ;D

Hear yea! Hear yea! 

Gather around please. 
Gather around.
Thank you! 
*bows down.

If you happen to remember, I did say that I am going to post two teasers, did I not? *glances here *glances there. :D Yes, I did. That's why we're here, for I'm going to show you another work from another photographer who happens to be the friend of my bestfriend who also happens to be the other photographer for this collab.

Personally speaking, I have seen the some of the works of these guys and it still amazes me how two different beings can bring out the glow of their subject be it in their own shoot or collaboration. Stay tune for this photographers works that will be posted in this blog too. ;) 

Til then!

Photo Taken By:

Mike Recuelo

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