January 29, 2016

In The Eyes Of Mike Recuelo

I gave this post such title, but, to be more accurate it's supposed to be "through the lens" right? If you're wondering who Mike Recuelo is, my answer would be plain simple---the other photographer
If you can still remember the post, where I talked about being the model of a fun shoot between two friends last 20th December, well, this is the second work. It was my first time (In a such a long time mind you) to be able to work and pose for other people (which on my part involves a lot of awkward and stiff poses) apart from my best friend. It's.Not.That.Easy. I have now high respects for those models whose pictures were being taken by different photographers.

Anywho, despite such small trivial matters, it amazes me how they, the photographers, can actually present different results regardless of  having the same subject. How they were able to see and capture that one flick of a moment. How they were able view things so simple and make it wonderful. How every pictures tells a different story as if they're bringing it to life.

Photographed By:

Mike Recuelo